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Andrei Tarkovsky calls him his favorite actor. Tarkovsky admired Solonitsyn’s ability to fully embody the ideas of the director without asking questions.

Solonitsyn was intended to play the lead roles in Nostalghia (1983) and The Sacrifice (1986), but he died before their production. He was already too ill to travel to Italy where Nostalghia was being shot. The part went to Oleg Yankovsky. Solonitsyn died shortly afterwards (June 11, 1982).

Anatoly Solonitsyn was born on this day, in 1934.

He will always be Andrei Rublev (1966), or Dr. Sartorius in Solaris (1972), as the physician in Mirror (1975) and the writer in Stalker (1979), and he will always be remembered, as the amazing actor that he was.

fb: Marc Borges

:annoyingdog: 在影視裡聽懂一點編劇用來裝逼的意語實在太爽了!沒有白學 :bc_grateful:

And I'm certain, if I drive into those trees
It'd make less of a mess
Than you've made of me

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